It’s easy to dream about becoming a filmmaker, but traditional film school can be exorbitantly expensive. Luckily, we live in a time when the technology for creating cinema is rapidly democratizing.

Pre-production software like Celtx can be downloaded for free and used to organize your screenplay, storyboards, and shot-list. It’s likely that the camera on your cell phone is powerful enough to shoot a feature-length film (see: Tangerine or Night Fishing). And if not, DSLR cameras are cheaper than ever. Even editing and visual effects programs have become more accessible, like Adobe’s subscription-based Creative Cloud and its Premiere and After Effects applications.

But having the right tools doesn’t necessarily make a budding filmmaker great. After all, film is a fusion of craft, technique, technology, and artistry.

You can never truly replace the mentoring relationship of film professor and film student, but there are thousands of high-quality tutorials on YouTube that teach the basics of storytelling, camera angles, editing techniques, and beyond.

We’ve assembled a collection of such videos into what we call “YouTube Film School.” There’s always more to learn, but these clips provide a great foundation for budding filmmakers.

Don’t wait any longer to be a filmmaker. Start your camera rolling and let your creativity (and our YouTube Film School) be your guide.


8 Tips for Screenwriting by D4Darious


How to Storyboard & Schedule Your Film by Film Riot

Camera Angles and Movement

Basic Camera Shots for Filmmaking by Martin Curley


Filmmaking 101 – Three Point Lighting by DiCasaFilm


Lenses to Use for DSLR Filmmaking by UglyMcGregor

Live Sound Recording

Sound Recording Tutorial by George Black

Video Editing

The Psychology of Film Editing by Julian Melanson

Post-Production Sound Design

The Fundamentals of Sound in Post-Production by Filmmaker IQ

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