You can’t tell a “like” from a “pin,” hashtags make you go cross-eyed, and Instagram sounds like a breakfast cereal. Social media isn’t your thing, but you’ve read the statistics: According to Business Insider, as of 2012, Americans as a whole spend an average of between 12-20 hours per month on social networks. In today’s world, all successful marketing campaigns have a significant social media component. What’s to be done?

Don’t worry. Despite the jargon, the social media mountain is actually not all that hard to scale. Here are five simple steps you can take to jumpstart your social media campaign.

Know Thyself

Start by understanding your brand. Who do you want to reach and what do you want to convey? Be as clear and precise as you can. Your answers will determine everything from tone to design to your social media networks.

Know Thy Outlets

Now that you know your message, do some research to identify your first one-to-three networks. These networks should be determined by your targeted demographic. Click here for a useful infographic with data on social media users. Also, here is a great summary breakdown of the top networks.

Social Network

Prepare Your Content

Part of social media’s thrill are the spontaneous real-time interactions. But don’t worry, you’re going to prepare most of your posts beforehand. The content you post depends entirely on your brand, but keep in mind that viewers are 12x more likely to share posts with video then text-only posts. Since creating a video with Video Blocks stock footage is both easy and cost-efficient, make some relevant videos now so that you can roll them out when needed.

Be Ready To Give

You’ve created your profiles; you’ve lined up your content; you’re ready to publish publishingexcept there’s no one out there. You need followers. Start by leveraging your address book. After that’s tapped, you need to get social yourself. Find and follow the thought leaders in your industry. Comment on, like, repin and retweet their shares. The more you engage with your community, the more you will have a community with which to engage.

Keep At It

The most challenging part of a building a successful social media campaign is the consistency of the effort involved. Tweeting once a week is like hollering at a baseball game. No one will notice. Luckily, there are many publishing platforms that can help you publish and cross-post your material with a frequency you couldn’t accomplish unaided. Different publishers have different rates; research to find your best fit.

Follow these guidelines, and before you know it, you’ll be eating Instagram for breakfast. Good luck and have fun!