We’ve been talking a lot lately about EpicSlowMo.com and all of the fun things they’re doing with the new Phantom Miro camera. Well, through a little bit of trial and error, we quickly learned that there were a lot of accessories you need to have to make the Phantom work well in a studio setting. Here are a few key essentials that they use to create the awesome shots you can see on their site.


1. The Right Lights

It didn’t take long to figure out that lighting with the Phantom would be hard. If you’re out in the daylight, things are simple, but as soon as you take that camera inside you are in a whole new realm of headaches. After a lot of trial and error, the lights we ended up using were Arri ST2 2000 watt studio fresnel. These lights are large and powerful enough to light for the Phantom, but gentle enough to run off our office’s power source. They also don’t flicker, making them ideal for slow video shooting.


2. 3 Point Lighting Setup

This is just a shooting basic, but make sure you have enough space for some proper three point lighting. We bought some nice light stands so we could raise and lower lights depending on our subject. You could also do this with a lighting grid if your space and ceiling allows for it.


3. Gloves

These lights get really hot, really fast. And, if you’re working in a small studio like ours with lights on stands, it will feel like you’re standing under a tanning bed. Make sure you pick up some simple gloves from your local hardware store to make sure you don’t burn yourself on the lights.


4. Cyclorama

We use two of these mini infinity cycs to create the illusion of infinite space in our small studio. Since a lof of the work we do with the Phantom is macro based, this is the perfect sized scale to capture a lot of our favorite images. Some of our water shots were done on here, as well as some with sprinkles, candies and other small particles. The pure white background is a perfect backdrop for colorful items.


5. Solid Tripod

The Phantom Miro can use interchangeable Nikon lenses, offering a variety of different options when shooting. This is great, but we quickly learned that the weight and length of some of the lenses could not be balanced out by the cheap tripod we were originally using. Because of that, we invested in a nice tripod that could adjust to the weight of different lenses quickly and easily. It also has a nice leveling tool and fluid motion.


6. Fire Extinguisher

In case you haven’t seen from EpicSlowMo.com yet, we light things on fire. A lot. We recommend having a fire extinguisher on hands at all times.


7. Sledgehammer

Well, if you have a Phantom camera, you might as well have fun with it! We prefer the 16 lb sledgehammer for our most destructive projects.


Oh, and of course you’ll need one of these, too. Isn’t she pretty?


If you’re not quite ready to shoot slow motion footage of your own, no sweat! We have a free slow motion stock footage clip that you can download at the click of a mouse! Just use the blue button below to download your free slow motion stock footage clip.

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