We get a lot of tech support questions from our VideoBlocks users asking us to clarify the difference between NTSC and PAL. Here’s a quick, simple and easy-to-follow run down illustrating how they’re different and how you can adapt to work with each!


Side by Side Comparison


How to Adapt

Converting between NTSC and PAL really isn’t too difficult. You may loose some image quality because of the change in frame rate, but the process itself is relatively simple. We suggest using a free video converter called MPEG Streamclip. It works on both Macs and PCs and has been found to work really well with clips downloaded from VideoBlocks.com. Just drag the clip you want to have converted, choose the file format you would like to use, and select the appropriate NTSC or PAL version from the drop down menu.

Want to give it a shot? Download this free stock footage clip from VideoBlocks and have a go at converting it to PAL!

[button link=”http://content.videoblocks.com/clip-download/?id=download-a-free-girl-in-purple-shirt-stock-footage-clip” color=”#2216a7″ size=”3″ style=”1″ dark=”0″ radius=”auto” target=”self”]Download Your Free Woman Dancing Stock Footage Clip[/button]