If your family is anything like mine, you have a dusty cabinet somewhere full of VHS tapes that are full of home videos from dance recitals, softball games, family vacations and graduations. These are such precious memories, and it is a horrible shame that they’re stuck on a practically unused and degenerating form of media. Luckily for all of us, converting home movies from VHS to DVD is really quite simple! You just need a little bit of hardware, a little bit of software and some basic computer knowledge to get started! Here’s how to do it:

1. Get the right hardware.

Since VHS players aren’t typically digital friendly, you’ll need a converter to transfer your tapes to the computer. These typically run around 30 dollars, but there are some pricier ones out there that include software. These typically have the red, yellow and white connectors that you typically use to contect a VHS player to a TV on one end, and a USB on the other so you can hook it into your computer. (Here is a great blog article that gives side by side comparisons of different converters available). There are also some VHS/DVD decks out there that will do the entire job internally, but they’re a little pricey and do not allow you to enhance or edit your video at all, so I wouldn’t recommend them. 


USB Video TV resized 600


2. Get the right software.

If your converter comes with software, use that! It will be easy to use software designed for this exact purpose and will really make the process simple. If you don’t have software to use with your converter, no worries! There are plenty of options out there, and many of them are free! This program is free to download and allows you to enhance your video to make it look brand new! You can probably even use a video editing program that you already have and import your home videos as if you were getting them off a camera. Double check with your specific editing software for further instructions on that. 


3. Burn it and share it!

Again, if you’re using software that came with a converter, chances are it already includes a DVD authoring program within it. If it does not, there are plenty of free DVD authoring programs available online. (Check out our blog on the top free DVD authoring programs!) Don’t forget that now that your video is digitized, you can also share it on YouTube! What a great way to save and share memories, and perhaps embarrass your children! 

Have you tried converting your home movies to DVD? How did it go? Tell us about your experience and share some tips and tricks with the rest of our readers! 

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