New 6K Ultra-HD Aerial Collection From VideoBlocks

You think 4K Ultra-HD is cool? We here at VideoBlocks raise you 6K! It’s an eye-popping, amazingly detailed pixel resolution that’s ten times greater than 1080p HD footage.

You can visualize the difference in high-definition resolutions here:


The main benefit of 6K is being able to compose your own 4K export from a larger canvas, not to use full 6K — TVs can’t even play 6K yet!

To obtain the momentous Video Blocks 6K Ultra-HD Aerial Collection, our cinematographer used a RED Epic camera housed in a Gyro-Stabilized Systems C520 rig on a charter helicopter.

The incredible 6K resolution was achieved with the new RED Dragon sensor boasting a much higher dynamic range to tackle any difficult lighting conditions that might arise.

Here’s a screen shot showing the colorization of 6K RED footage within the REDCINE-X editing program.

Screen shot 2014-02-26 at 2.16.32 PM

And now, from the helicopter, to the camera and into our library, all these clips and more are available to you for use and can be found here:

Download these Aerials!

New 6K Ultra-HD Aerial Collection From VideoBlocks