Churches, synagogues and temples are all embracing multimedia as a worship tool. Here are some ideas on how you can start to incorporate free stock footage at your church.

1. Spice up your next sermon with free stock footage.

Sometimes it can be hard for an audience to focus on a message without having some sort of visual to go along with it. Use free stock footage as that visual. Search for images and video that will accompany, but not distract, from your overall message. You may be surprised how much more your parishioners will retain by just adding some moving images to your next sermon. 


2. Take a virtual tour of religious landmarks.

There are many places in scripture that are hard to imagine since they are a half a world away. Bring these important religious landmarks to your church by hosting a virtual tour either during a worship celebration or as an outside gathering. You could also take this opportunity to show important landmarks for world religions other than your own. Free stock footage will take these far away places and make them more tangible. 


3. Engage the youth in your church.

Most of today’s youth are more tuned into technology than they are the lessons being taught in Sunday school. Use this to your advantage! Host video contests with the youth in your parish to get them really engaged in the lessons you are teaching. They will love to show off their technological skills, and you will be shocked to see how well they can take free stock footage and make it into a masterpiece! 


4. Put together a weekly online message.

For many reasons, some of your parishioners may be unable to physically make it to church every week. That doesn’t mean they should miss out! Consider putting together a weekly message and post it on YouTube or GodTube. Use free stock footage as cutaways to avoid just having a talking head. Those who are unable to make it to worship will really appreciate still feeling like they’re a part of the community even from home. 


5. Use tranquil images for meditation.

Sometimes the quietest moments are the moments that teach us the most. Next time you are preparing for a meditation, put together some serene stock footage images to play. Sunsets, water, gardens, sky and religious images can be edited together to create the ultimate meditation visual. Having this visual to focus on may help you and your fellow church-goers get more out of your meditation experience. 

Do you use free stock footage at your church? Tell us about it! Leave a comment below! 

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