Multimedia learning is one of many hot trends in education. Take a look at these five ways to incorporate free stock footage into your classroom!

Teach students to edit video.

Whether you do an in-class tutorial on using iMovie or you devote an entire lesson plan to teaching Final Cut, your students will be thrilled to start incorporating this multimedia skill into their classwork. Download some stock footage clips and import them into a folder that the class can share. That way everyone is working off of the same material during the learning stage. Not only will learning to edit be a fun way to change the pace in class, but you’ll be surprised how much they end up using the skill later on. College professors are being pushed to incorporate more multimedia into their lessons as well, meaning students are being asked to create movies and video presentations along with the typical four page essay.

Show kids the world through stock footage.

There is stock footage available from almost every corner of the world. Use this to your advantage and broaden you students’ minds. Consider putting together your own version of “Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego?” using stock video. Or, you can find stock footage of the place where your next class book takes place. Think how much more impact Oliver Twist might have if you can actually take your students on a virtual tour of London.

Use stock video as creative writing prompts.

Unlock a child’s creativity by having them write through video! Instead of handing them the typical three sentence prompt to write about, show them a quick stock video clip and have them create an entire story around it. The great thing with stock video is that it is often only 15-20 seconds long. This is just enough time to inspire a child, but still let them create an entire world and cast of characters for themselves.

Let students create their own movies.

Writing and telling stories is obviously an important skill for students to have. It not only teaches them the fundamentals of writing, but it often acts as a theraputic way for children to express themselves. Don’t just stop at writing! Encourage your students to turn their stories into a video presentation. Provide them with stock footage to help them create a sense of setting and fill in transitions. They will be thrilled to see their story come to life!

Create your own stock footage.

What better way to introduce your class to your own community than by creating your own stock footage library? Small field trips to parks, libraries, town halls and hospitals can be a great way to teach children about professions, geography, community leaders and more. Bring along a camera and have children capture what they are experiencing on tape. You can just keep these clips as a class resource, or you can set up a way to share them with your community or school district through a local library or learning center. Your students will love that they are providing a resource for the community, and it will be a great tool as a teacher to show how much they have learned throughout the year!


Have you used free stock footage in your classroom? Tell us about it!