Are you looking to become the next YouTube superstar? As you’ve probably already figured out, getting a video to go viral is no easy task, and it rarely happens naturally. We’ve put together 5 tips that will help you get the most out of your YouTube videos.

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1. Develop Excellent Content

The video you want to go viral cannot just be good. It can’t even be just great. You need content that is extraordinary in some way. Videos that go viral typically have content that is either unique or emotionally charged. This doesn’t mean you have to put tons of money into the video, but you do need to pour all of your creativity into it.

2. Clip Length

If you want a video to go viral, it should never be longer than two minutes. In fact, it would be better if the video was about 20 seconds. If your story takes longer to tell, consider chopping it up into “episodes”. Release them all at once and give them unique and identical tags so they will appear in the “related videos” slot. This way once you’ve wet someones appetite with one of your videos, the rest of the saga is right there, ready for their clicks.

3. Spread the Word

You can’t just expect your videos to go viral without telling anyone about it. Send your link absolutely everywhere you can: Facebook, Twitter, email, blogs. Try to develop strong relationships with some predominate bloggers that might relate to the content you are creating. Every time you put a video together that you deem worthy of viral stardom, reach out to him/her and request they feature your video in their blog. You’ll be surprised how much some inbound links will help your video rise to the top!

4. Don’t Be Afraid to Comment

The comment threads on many of the viral videos that you love are actually fabricated. Big PR firms are hired to create controversy and commotion around sponsored videos, so they create multiple accounts and create their own heated discussions to enhance the “viewing experience”. Don’t be afraid to take the tactic as your own…and also don’t be afraid to delete comments. It’s your video, and if people are saying nasty things, you have the right to take it down.

5. Cats

When all else fails, use cats. No one can explain why cats are so popular on the Internet, but they are…and that trend is not going anywhere anytime soon. On that note, a cat video:


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