Everyone likes to break out the video camera on Christmas morning, but if you’re going to do it, make sure you do it right! There are some simple tricks you can do to make your holiday home movies stand above the rest. Just follow these five tips for capturing the perfect holiday video!

1. Don’t worry about the atmosphere.

It’s time to be honest: no one cares about how beautifully your mantel is decorated or how gorgeous the logs burning in the fireplace are. Home movies are for capturing memories of people, so make sure you focus on that. It doesn’t hurt to get some of this extra footage, but just use it for quick fillers in your epic Christmas montage.

2. Focus on people.

This goes hand in hand with the first tip. The reason we make home movies is to preserve memories with those we love. Make sure you can see people’s faces and that you capture the big moments of the day like opening presents and songs around the piano. Years from now these are the memories that you’ll want to relive again.

3. Don’t be invasive.

No one likes the guy at the party that puts his camera in people’s faces, so don’t be that guy! The more natural your footage is, the better. If little Joey wants to sing Frosty the Snowman so you can record it, let him! On the other hand, if he’s not ready for the limelight, don’t push it. You want your home movies to be happy and cheerful, not full of people saying “get that away from me” or “Dad…stop it!”

4. Have plenty of batteries…for everything!

Before the big day, make sure all of your batteries are charged and ready to go! The last thing you need is to have your camera run out of juice half way through Little Sally’s pageant at church. Also make sure you have plenty of batteries stocked up to fuel any toys or gadgets you may be giving on Christmas. That way you can capture your friends and family opening the gifts AND enjoying them later in the day!

5. Share the memories.

Don’t just let  your home videos sit on your computer forever. Edit them together and post it to YouTube! That way your friends and family can enjoy reliving the holidays whenever they want.

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