What with so many businesses now utilizing social media marketing to heighten the awareness of their brand, video format can often be forgotten.

Nevertheless, video proffers a superior opportunity for your brand to display its’ range of products and/ or services, both to an existing and a potential customer base.

Our world is now impatient and hectic, and as such, many people actually prefer to view a video rather than trying to digest a large chunk of written content. And because it’s a day and age where many more consumers are investing time online instead of watching television, the popularity of watching video content is growing exponentially.

Video presentations represent an excellent way to attract visitors to your website, and also to keep them engaged. Here, we explore five reasons why your business should be using video content.

1.Adding original video content can improve your search engine optimization

Video is an increasingly popular format of online content that is regularly shared through social media channels. As such, search engines like Google do tend to favor it (Google in particular has a predisposition towards YouTube video content due to their ownership of the business). Hosting video content and images on your webpages adds to the overall quality of your content, and also can engage your visitors for longer. In turn, this offers an opportunity to see your webpages ranking higher than your competition within the search engines.

2.Video content as a powerful branding tool

Video content can be used to market products which helps to convey a message that would otherwise be lost if that message were conveyed in the written format. Video allows for a brand to capture emotions as well as visual attributes with respect to your products and/ or services which will leave a lasting impression on your audience (http://www.forbes.com/sites/seanrosensteel/2013/01/28/why-online-video-is-vital-for-your-2013-content-marketing-objectives/).

3.Video content has the potential to be seen by a wide audience

Video makes for a highly shareable format if you watch an engaging video, you’re fairly likely to share it with a friend. Video content has a large potential to go viral and in so doing, connect with a broad range of consumers.

With respect to content marketing (particularly so with blog article content), written content is rarely published on more than a single medium. Videos are far easier to syndicate through social media channels and on industry websites.

4.Content for videos is relatively easy and inexpensive to create

Many videos that have gained a huge audience on YouTube are produced utilizing a simple webcam or a camera on a phone which has inbuilt recording facilities. Dependent on how you prefer your brand’s perception to come across, it can be relatively effortless to create original, useful, and engaging content based on a limited budget.

VideoBlocks.com offers an unlimited number of downloads of stock video, motion backgrounds, After Effects templates, special effects, and a whole lot more besides. However, rather than charging per download, VideoBlocks.com invite members to download as much content as they wish on a monthly subscription basis, and that’s all for less than many competing sites charge for a single clip!

You can get extremely high quality content – the same quality of content that companies such as NBC are proud to use – and at a price that even the most casual of video editing enthusiasts would be happy to pay.

5.Video content plays more effectively on mobile devices

The amount of online content that is accessed via mobile is swiftly growing. Fortunately, smartphones and other tablet devices have been optimized to play video content. This in turn increases the capacity for your videos to be seen, and will also help to characterize your business over and above your competitors.

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