It’s that time of year again! Time to think about everything you can do to improve yourself in 2012. Here are a few ideas that might help you up your video editing game in the New Year!

Happy New Year

1. I will stop complaining about Final Cut X.

2. I will always leave myself enough time to render before a project deadline.

3. I will use my tripod to shoot whenever I can.

4. I will always make sure my tripod is level.

5. I will check my camera’s batteries before I leave for a shoot.

6. I will never use a star wipe again. Except maybe on the 4th of July.

7. I will actually think about lighting before I start recording.

8. I will use a storyboard to plan my shoot.

9. I will finally learn After Effects.

10. I will add something new to my YouTube channel every day/week/month.

11. I will stop relying on my zoom to make my footage more interesting.

12. I will create an efficient labeling system for my files so I never get the “Video Not Found” error again.

13. I will back up all of my files.

14. I will experiment with new camera angles.

15. I will learn three new things for my job.

16. I will work to move up up in my workplace.

17. I will help someone else move up in their workplace.

18. I will make a new demo reel and/or update my resume.

19. I will apply for a job that I may think is unobtainable.

20. I will keep all of my time lines organized.

21. I will donate my video editing skills to a local charity.

22. I will not keep unhealthy snacks close to my video editing station.

23. I will contribute to society by making an awesome cat video.

24. I will read a new book about my profession.

25. I will save up for a piece of equipment that I’ve really been wanting.

26. I will ask for criticism and actually take it.

27. I will never settle for good enough.

If you’re working on organization, here’s a storyboard template to help you start planning your next shoot. Click on the red button below to download your free storyboard template.

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