Welcome back to Stock Footage of the Week, where we bring you trending videos, timely templates, and sometimes just some fun (or funny) footage. This week, we decided to mix things up a bit, and take you on a time lapse adventure through Italy.

Since most of us can’t usually just leave our desks and life behind for almost a month to travel the world, we wanted to take you on a stock footage tour of one of the hottest tourist destinations year after year—and who knows, maybe this will actually inspire your next trip? (Or perhaps it’ll just serve as a little Monday mental vacation.)


First Stop: Florence

When it comes to stunning skylines, the view from the Piazza Michelangelo just can’t be beat. This timelapse captures perfectly (albeit all too quickly) a stunning sunset over the Duomo.

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It’s inspired operas, artists, and tourists for centuries, and there’s still something magical about the Ponte Vecchio. Although this popular tourist destination can get super crowded, the live music drifting down the Arno every evening and the stunning vistas from the center of the bridge keep people coming back again and again. The excellent gelato on the far side doesn’t hurt either.

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Second Stop: Cinque Terre

Probably the least well known stop on our list, the Cinque Terre (translated literally to the “Five Cities,”) is actually—you guessed it—five towns, not one, all located on Italy’s western coast overlooking the Ligurian Sea.

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The Cinque Terre may be known for its mountainous hiking trails, but the real draw is the water. Each night, locals and tourists alike grab a bottle of local white wine and climb out on the jetty in Riomaggiore or Manarola to catch the stunning sunset over Monterosso, the fifth of the five cities.

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Third Stop: When in Rome

Ah, Roma. A walking museum in itself, the ancient capital of the Roman Empire combines the gritty, fast-paced style of a modern metropolis with the constant, haunting reminder of a civilization long past. Nothing sums this up better than these speedy timelapse clips of cars and city-dwellers buzzing about against the backdrop of the iconic Colosseum and Roman Forum.

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Fourth Stop: Visiting Venice

It’s impossible not to fall in love with this sinking city. Once the center of medieval Italy because of its strategic position as a port between the continent and the wider Mediterranean, Venice is a city of lights reflecting on canals, of secretive medieval alley ways and romantic gondolas.

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It’s not all waterways, though, as you can see from this stunning timelapse footage of the sparkling Piazza San Marco at night.

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Make sure to check back soon, as we add more adventurous posts, tutorials, and fresh inspiration to the blog. Ciao!


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