“Always leave them wanting more” is a great philosophy for both entertainers and advertisers—and when you’re working with video projects, using 3D After Effects templates is a great way to make a lasting impression and intrigue your audience. You can use After Effects to give your commercial, presentation, or documentary a more polished and finished look. After Effects can even be used to unnerve and alarm an audience—if that’s your goal—or define a visual style.

Whether you’re looking for an adventurous and inspiring animation for your next promotion or a haunting credit reel template for your independent production, we’ve gathered 20 After Effects templates sure to stand out. There are tons of options at your disposal, from inspiring content to templates that are sure to give you goose bumps. Set yourself apart from the pack and give your product an edge with our professional designs.

Using After Effects templates can highlight your company and captivate your audience—download our top 20 After Effect animations along with countless others here!


3D AE Animations for an Epic Adventure

“Daring sword fights, far off places, magic spells, and a prince in disguise!” The first four AE animations on our list will keep your audience dreaming about your content long after the spell has ended.

1. Jungle Logo Reveal

Purchase this Jungle Logo Reveal template.

2. Birds Logo Reveal

Purchase this Birds Logo Reveal template.

3. Desert Dunes Opening Template

Purchase this Desert Dunes Opening template.

4. Cloud Title After Effects Template

Purchase this Cloud Title After Effects template.


The Best of 3D Animation

Coca-Cola is one the world’s top brands; part of that success is their instantly recognizable logo. At the end of every Coke ad—from pool boys to polar bears—the logo is animated across screens cementing the brand within the audience. The next four 3D AE Animations can help your product or service stand out to viewers.

5. Spinner Logo Reveal

Download this Spinner Logo Reveal.

6. Luxury Logo

Download this Luxury Logo template.

7. Smoke Trails Logo

Purchase this Smoke Trails Logo.

8. Blue-Grey Logo

Download this Blue-Grey Logo template.


Cinematic Animations for Your Dystopian Tale

Creating a book trailer for the latest young adult novel or zombie show? Use the following AE Animations to amp up the creepiness factor and leave your audience a haunting message.

9. Logo Boom

Download this Logo Boom template.

10. Mercury Logo

Purchase this Mercury Logo reveal.

11. Glitch Logo

Download this Glitch Logo template.

12. Bloody Massacre Template

Download this Bloody Massacre template.


Keep It Simple

Not every creation needs glitz and glamor to be memorable. If your content speaks for itself, the next four 3D After Effects will help create a minimalist look.

13. Boxes Logo

Download this Boxes Logo intro template.

14. Search Logo Reveal

Purchase this Search Logo reveal.

15. Elegant Logo

Download this Elegant Logo template.

16. Bouncy Grass Ball Logo Reveal

Purchase this Bouncy Grass Ball Logo reveal.


After Effects to Inspire

Our final selections feature After Effects that will give your audience a feeling of wonder. Take them on a journey of curiosity with the following templates:

17. Vivid Logo Reveal

Download this Vivid Logo reveal.

18. Circle Logo Template

Download this Circle Logo template.

19. Electronic Media Template

Download this Electronic Media template.

20. Cinematic Logo

Download this Cinematic Logo template.

Do have some new ideas for how to use our top 20 After Effects Animations? Start creating right now and discover more unforgettable animations that will bring your content to the next level and to make a lasting impression on your audience!


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