There are many factors separating amateur films from professional productions, but few are as significant as effective lighting. The way you choose to illuminate your project will leave an immediate and lasting impression on your audience and could become your primary means of capturing their attention.

Just think about films you’ve seen over the years where poor lighting is a sign of poor quality. For films that are amateurish or cheaply made, even the most polished script can’t save a washed-out or dimly lit frame.

As such, it’s essential to master the basics of lighting to achieve the sought after look of film. Technique can be just as important as the quality of your equipment, and investing in education can go a long way in making up for a lack of professional gear.

Nothing can replace the mentorship model of a film school, but YouTube and Vimeo are amazing resources to turn to when you don’t have that option. To help you out, we’ve collected another group of amazing video tutorials that will help you learn a diversity of lighting techniques you can use to enhance your own content and make it even more professional.

Types of Lights

Lighting tutorial: Low light shooting techniques by

Basic Lighting Set-Ups

How to Light for Video and Film: Techniques, Filters, and Set Ups by Joshua Hall

How to Light for an Interview (3-Point Lighting)

Basic Cinematography: How To Light An Interview (3 Point Lighting Tutorial) by Stray Angel Films

Film Noir Lighting

No Budget Film Noir Lighting Tutorial by Tom Antos

The Difference Between High Key and Low Key Lighting

High Key and Low Key Lighting. Free Tutorial by Eduardo Angel Visuals


Light Up Your Screen with Stock Footage