Today marks the opening ceremonies for the 2012 Olympics in London! This exciting world-wide event captivates audiences around the world as they cheer on their country and their favorite athletes. In a world where we expect instant information, the Olympics provide a particular challenge for video media outlets. News networks, as well as online sites are forced to work around the clock to bring us up to date information, live coverage and high quality video the minute an event takes place. To make this all happen, media entities YouTube and NBC have enlisted the help of a cloud based video editor, FORscene. Here’s a look at how the technology works and how these media giants plan to use it.


About FORscene

FORscene is a cloud based video editing platform owned and developed by Forbidden Technologies, a UK based company. Forbidden Technologies took 12 years to launch FORscene, which is their broadcast quality video editor. (There is also a more consumer-based version called Clesh). FORscene will allow videographers and journalists to upload video in London while and editor in the US can picks up the project to edit it for a broadcast (or webcast) later that day. The program has also been designed to be social media integrated, making it even more valuable to companies like YouTube.


Technology and the Olympics

Being the largest sporting event in the world, the Olympics is certainly the ultimate test for technology of this sort. Forbidden Technologies is a relatively small company at this time, but their exclusive deals with  YouTube and NBC have put them on the map. Unfortunately the exact contract plans for usage between Forbidden and the media giants has been mostly left ambiguous due to confidentiality agreements and the Olympic Act. There is no doubt, however, that if this technology proves it can stand up to the rigors of an event as large as the Olympics, that we may see this cloud based editor become the industry standard for the broadcast industry, both television and Internet.


The Future of Cloud Based Editing

This agreement between YouTube, NBC and Forbidden Technologies is not just interesting, but it could be revolutionary as well. As stated in an article form, Forbidden Technology‘s biggest competitor at the moment is Avid. As we’ve previously talked about on this site, Avid has been struggling to keep their brand alive here in the States. Though they’ve gained great ground by capitalizing on Apple’s failed Final Cut X release and their development of an iPad friendly video editing app, they are still an aging technology trying to hold on to their past. Avid’s Media Composer is a expensive and has a reputation of being unreliable. Given FORscene‘s seemingly positive reviews and its highly collaborative nature, there is a good chance that we could see this platform take off over the next few years and become a primary video editing program not just for large broadcast events, but also for the every day editor.


What do you think of cloud based video editors? Are you ready to jump on board, or are you happy to stick with your current software? Tell us what you think! Leave a comment below or head over to our VideoBlocks Facebook page to tell us more!

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