You Voted—the “2 for 2” Award-Winning Film Is . . .

Your votes are in—all 2,811 of them—and after a white-knuckle finish, the winner of the first VideoBlocks “2 for 2” Video Contest is . . .

(Optional drumroll courtesy of AudioBlocks)

Andreas Horvath, who finished with an impressive 608 votes for his music video Illusions:

A resident of Augsburg, Germany, Andreas finished his Master of Arts in Media Design this past year—and is clearly putting it to great use. His one-man production company, Gamble Productions, is fast becoming a go-to source for music video production across Europe and Germany.

Andreas has been a premium subscriber to VideoBlocks since Christmas day 2012, a year after he landed his first commercial project: a music video for “One Night in Ibiza” that went viral with more than 26 million views:

In the years since, his list of clients has grown to include artists like Grammy Award winner Fatman Scoop and a number of MTV Europe’s rising stars. Andreas does all the work for his videos himself: lighting, filming, special effects, animation, color grading, etc. However, he’ll often supplement his footage using stock video, and not every client can afford to pay hundreds of dollars for each piece of specialty footage.

His winning entry, Illusions, for example, is a video Andreas made for a close friend—who hasn’t yet earned a Grammy. Using VideoBlocks, he says, made it “easy to edit a big video without having a big production budget behind it.”

In finding the dozens of stock video clips he used for the video, one of his strategies was searching for slow-motion clips.

“If something is in slow motion, it probably looks good,” explains Andreas—and we wholeheartedly agree. There’s something about the high-speed frame rate that adds an element of intrigue to just about any subject, particularly when paired with music.

Andreas happened to be travelling out of country when the voting started and didn’t realize his video was being voted on until he was already in the top ten. When he came home and saw his video in the finals, he was thrilled.

“I really appreciate the support of people who don’t even know me,” he told us. And we at VideoBlocks appreciate it too!

Check out his award-winning video made using VideoBlocks stock footage here.