Here are step by step instructions for using track matte video transitions in Sony Vegas:


1. Put your Video Clip A on the Timeline.

2. Put your Video Clip B on the Timeline directly above Video Clip A (this should create another track). Arrange Video Clips B so it overlaps with Video Clip A at the point you want the transition to occur.

3. Create a new track in between Video Clip A and Video Clip B. To do this, right click on Video Track 2, select “New Track”.

4. Drag your Track Matte onto the new video track so it is lined up to where Video Clip A and Video Clip B overlap.

5. Create a Mask Generator. To do this go to Video Effects, click on Mask Generator and drag it onto the Track Matte on your timeline. *Note: You may have to try both the “luminance” and “alpha” setting to get it to work.
6. Set the “Composite Child” button on the Track Matte video track. (This is the arrow pointing down.)

7. On the video track where Video Clip B sits, change the composite mode to multiply.

8. If your Video Clip B does not play through after the transition, you need to extend the Track Matte by adding a white clip. To do this, go to media generator>solid color>white. Drag that on to the track matte. Adjust the length so it ends at the same time as Video Clip B.

Here’s an example of what it should look like when you are done: 


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