Are you ready to step up your game at your next PowerPoint presentation, but not sure how? Motion and looping backgrounds are a great way to spice up a slide show without adding a lot of extra work. Not sure how to do it? Here are the step by step instructions for using motion backgrounds in PowerPoint.

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1. Start PowerPoint and click the “Insert” tab. Click “Video” and then “Video from File”.


2. Browse to the clip you want to use and select it by double clicking. After a few seconds, a black rectangle should appear on the side. That’s the video.


4. Click on the small white box on the top edge of the black rectangle and drag it up to the top edge of your blank slide. Repeat this for every corner so the black rectangle takes up the entire slide.


5. Click on the slide to enable the new blue “Video Tools” tab at the top of the screen.


6. Click a check mark in the “Loop until Stopped” box on the ribbon.


7. Add next and pictures as you normally would!

Pretty simple, right? If you find you like this method and want to build a library of motion backgrounds, we have a few resources for you to take advantage of:

Free Worship Backgrounds 

This site offers free looping backgrounds at absolutely no cost to you. They have some religious ones, but most are just generic looping backgrounds that could be used for any purpose. And again, they’re all free…so it is definitely worth checking out.

7 Free Days from VideoBlocks

VideoBlocks has a ridiculously huge collection of motion backgrounds. Typically you have to pay a subscription fee to use their service, but they do have an option for 7 days of free downloads. This is a great deal, because you can download not only motion backgrounds, but also video footage, music, sound effects and more.

This Blog!

We’re known for giving away free gifts, and looping backgrounds are no exceptions. Click on this big red button to download your free looping background.

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