Color correction can be a powerful tool if used properly, but it can also be a very time consuming project. Final Cut Pro X, Apple’s latest video editing software, has an automatic color correction tool that makes color manipulation quick and easy. There are two different methods to using this tool, and it all depends on how you initially import your video clips. Here’s a run down for each method:

The Setup

If you want the easy 1-2-3 method of auto color correction, you’ll need to set up your import settings appropriately. When you import your clips you’ll have a menu with different options for the program to analyze. Click the “analyze for color balance” if you’re planning on auto color correcting these video clips.


Easy 1-2-3 Method

If you’ve selected the option to analyze the clip for balance color, all you need to do is complete these three steps:

  1. Select the clip on the timeline.
  2. Open the Inspector. (Command, 4)
  3. Click on the blue button to the left of “Balanced”.

That’s it! You can continue to tweak the clip if it you feel it needs more adjustment by messing with the color adjustment panel.


The Longer, Yet Still Affective Method

If you have not analyzed the clip for color balance when you imported the clip, you’ll need to follow these steps instead.

  1. Select the clip in the event browser.
  2. Right click the clip and choose “Analyze and Fix”.
  3. Check the box that says “Analyze for balance color”.
  4. Select the clip on the timeline.
  5. Open the Inspector.
  6. Click on the blue button to the left of “Balanced”.

Good luck with all of  your color correcting! If you try this method out for yourself, let us know and show us some of your work! You can leave comments below, or talk to us on Facebook or Twitter.

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