Time Lapse Traffic Rush Footage from VideoBlocks

Traffic after the sun has gone down is an amazing thing. It has patterns, it has systems, it creates beauty and it creates chaos. But when you’re stuck in a car, these patterns become hard to notice. Take a city like Los Angeles at night. There’s so much going on; the lights, the cars, the people, the road – watch these traffic time lapses all unfold in one the HD videos and you’ll start to pick up on the atmosphere and energy of the entire city.

The colorful road rush pulsing through Los Angeles is one of the most popular views on VideoBlocks. The camera takes us through the center of Los Angeles, rushing alongside the lights, stopping and starting with the traffic jam, gliding under bridges and capturing the essence of the City of Angels at night.

But you don’t have to be a part of the traffic rush to appreciate its beauty. The Los Angeles Downtown Lights Trails stock footage rises above the mad rush of lights, as though gazing down from a bridge, as streams of red and white lights fire past. Here, you can watch the night move over downtown Los Angeles, the roads pulsing with energy and the city blocks towering above the road.

You’ve seen the city from the driver’s seat, and you’ve seen the roads as a spectator from above. Videoblocks.com also provides footage of the outside of the car, looking directly at the windshield. Here, you can observe the movement of the city from an entirely new angle, as the driver rides through the yellow, luminous streets.

It’s also interesting to watch the lights drive past us blurred; like the feeling of opening your eyes for the first time in a while. In this video, the traffic moves towards the viewer and then under him, as hundreds more cars appear in the distance. Only this time, it’s almost like looking through wet glass.

Looking at San Diego from a distance is a magical sight. At night, it looks even better. The skyscrapers tower over a frantic cosmopolitan jungle, yet it feels peaceful and meditative. With time-lapse, you can observe what looks like a tube of light from the road, while the lights in the buildings change and shift and reflect the movement of the city.

Ranging from inside the car, to the bridge, to the penthouse, royalty free media can let you in on the magical beauty of a city and its traffic. All the videos are in crisp high definition and time lapsed, evoking movement, travel and the feeling of being alive in a city.

Time Lapse Traffic Rush Footage from VideoBlocks Time Lapse Traffic Rush Footage from VideoBlocks
Time Lapse Traffic Rush Footage from VideoBlocks Time Lapse Traffic Rush Footage from VideoBlocks