The battle for presidency is getting ruthless. The stakes are higher than ever, and everyone’s favorite political antihero will do and say anything—literally anything—to win. No, we’re not talking about the candidates running for president this year; we’re talking about Frank Underwood’s ongoing fight to retain the most powerful seat in Washington during the fourth season of House of Cards.

Life imitates art in this Netflix megahit, but it’s not just the storyline that feels familiar. We noticed a number of parallels between the footage on the show and the clips in our library, especially during the title sequence. Given that VideoBlocks headquarters are in the D.C. Metro area, we know a thing or two about filming the District, so we took a stab at recreating the show’s intro using videos from our Unlimited Library.

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The sequence travels from day to night, with tracking time-lapse clips showing iconic monuments and buildings across Washington, D.C. The dramatic music really amps up the ominous tone, but trust us—it’s not as scary here as it looks. (Or at least that’s what President Underwood would want you to think.)

Once you’ve finished binge watching the fourth season, you can take a stab at making your own political thriller. Get all the clips we used for the intro titles and more from our library.


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