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As time marched on, the reality of the second World War became tinted by the glamour of Hollywood and immortalized in the dramatic language of literature—but for many people still alive today, World War II wasn’t a multi-million dollar epic film, and it didn’t star the likes of Brad Pitt or Tom Hanks. It starred their brothers and sisters—their husbands and wives.

Today in 1945, German forces formally surrendered at 11:01 am, ending the war in Europe. On such a momentous day, it’s important to ensure that the reality doesn’t get diluted by the annals of history and modern media. That’s why we’ve dedicated this installment of Stock Footage of the Week to our vintage collection of World War II b-roll footage.

Purchase this b-roll footage of a World War II British Battleship

Purchase this b-roll footage of civilian detainees in World War II

Purchase this b-roll footage of World War II soldiers marching

As filmmakers, historical tales are oft-told through our modern lenses to great dramatic effect, humanizing and relating modern audiences to times and trials long past. But from time to time, it’s worth looking into the faces of the people themselves, and thanks to artfully preserved archival footage, today we’ve done just that.


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