With the Fall primetime television season now well underway, we’ve been inspired by that perennial favorite of primetime diets, the medical drama. High stakes operations, strange diseases, and the chaotic lives of hospital doctors—what’s not to love? So whether your style is more E.R. or Grey’s Anatomy, we’ve gathered the best of our stock medical footage from our Unlimited Library to get your adrenaline (and your creativity) flowing.

Eye-Catching Medical Animations

In recent years, medical television shows have gone beyond skin deep with visual effects for blood streams, microbes, and full body scans. Make an impact with your next project by doing the same, using these dynamic medical animations to zoom in on the science of life.

Download this Viral Video Motion Background

Medical-Animation Medical-Animation-4-minpngresized12
Medical-Animation-2-minpngresized10 Medical-Animation-3-minpngresized11


Emergency Room Details

Footage of IV drips, flashing lights, gurneys, respirators—these little details create the all-important backdrop for any medical setting. Use these stock insert shots of operating rooms, first responders, and medical equipment to add texture and grit to all of your hospital scenes.

Download this Stock Footage of the Operating Room

Details-1-min Details-4-min
Details-3-min Details-2-min


Doctors at Work

Let’s not forget the life blood of every hospital, the staff. We’ve put together some of our best footage of doctors and nurses working hard to save lives, both in and out of the operating room, to help you add that essential element of human connection to your medical drama.

Download this Stock Footage of Busy Nurses and Hospitals

Doctors-3-min Doctors-2-min
Doctors-4-min Doctors-1-min


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Visit AudioBlocks for Sirens and Heartbeats

Sometimes the most memorable element of a medical television show is its sounds, from a dramatic opening theme to all the beeps and clicks of the operating room. Try one of these stimulating up-tempo audio themes from our sister site AudioBlocks to build the tension, or use these hospital room audio effects and Foley sounds to add that extra touch of authenticity to your project.

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