Adobe After Effects is a program with a host of possibilities for video creators at every skill level. While many associate AE with creating animation and special effects or working with templates, did you know you can also stylize and color correct footage? The opportunities are broad, but it can be very intimidating to get started without a little guidance.
Luckily, whether you’d like to enhance your shots or start animating, we’ve got you covered. Here are some of the best tutorials to help you get started in AE.


1: After Effects: A Beginner’s Guide to Advanced Tools and Techniques

While there are many how-tos for using the more advanced tools in AE, sometimes you need a more comprehensive introduction to working with the program’s animations. This guide covers areas regarding workspace layouts, motion tracking, 3D setup and expression controls.

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2: How to Color Grade in After Effects: 10 Pro Tutorials for Color Correction

From recreating iconic cinematic styles to adding a vintage color palette, these are some of the best tutorials for color grading with AE.

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3. How to Hack Your After Effects Workflow Like a Pro

If you feel pretty comfortable with the basics and are ready to start working, don’t overlook the important task of organizing your workflow. Here are 5 great tips to hack your AE workflow to its full potential.

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4. The Ultimate Guide to Adobe After Effects Shortcuts

In AE, keyboard shortcuts are your best friend. Sure, there’s some memorization involved, but this visual guide will have you zipping through projects in no time.

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So what are you waiting for? Fire up After Effects and start experimenting. Who knows, maybe one day you could sell templates in the Marketplace. Need some inspiration? Check out what’s trending in our AE templates.


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