February is the month for love, and in the filmmaking world this means only one thing: box offices are filling up with romantic films for the season. While dramas like Fifty Shades Darker or The Notebook are fine for some, romantic comedies have a more universal appeal. Just remember all of the romcoms that are a part of everyday pop-culture: When Harry Met Sally, Sleepless in Seattle, The Wedding Singer, Pretty in Pink, (500) Days of Summer—the list goes on.

But the power of the romcom isn’t limited to the big screen. Indie filmmakers, advertisers, marketers, and most visual storytellers know that these cute love stories are effective vehicles for selling their products or getting their messages across. With its wide appeal and lighthearted, optimistic nature, the genre is perfect for cultivating warm, positive responses from audiences and potential customers. To help you harness some of this romcom magic, we’ve partnered with our sister sites, GraphicStock and AudioBlocks, to help you find all of the royalty-free After Effects templates, stock footage, music, and images you need for the perfect romantic short, advertisement, or Valentine’s Day promotion.


You’ve Got After Effects Templates

Every good love story has a “Once Upon a Time” and a “Happily Ever After”—make your video shine with these AE templates for your project’s intros and credit rolls. If you want to make things really easy, then you can use a photo album AE template to share the beginning, the end, and every moment between.

video1-min video2-min
video3-min video4-min


Find Your Fairytale AE Template


When Stock Footage Met Sally

From young love and fleeting romances to getting married and growing old together, every romance has its own story. Share the love this season with romantic stock footage featuring classic romcom tropes and special moments.


video1-min video2-min
video3-min video4-min


Share the Love with Stock Footage


Stock Audio Actually

The right music is the key to connecting with your audience emotionally. From fairytale-worthy tracks to the saddest breakup and reunion songs, AudioBlocks has all of the royalty-free stock music you need to make your audience feel the love tonight.

Download Romantic Fairy Tale Movie Theme Music

Download Dinner for Two Music

Download Triumphant Classical Piano Music Music

Download Sunrise Without You Music


Feel the Love with Stock Music


There’s Something About Stock Photos

All of those small, quirky moments are the building blocks of an everlasting love. Photos are worth a thousand words, and these stock photos illustrate the magic of every moment—from meeting and falling in love to getting married and growing old together.
stock image of a couple and a dog

young couple in love stock photo couple in love photo
man gives flowers to woman stock photo senior couple eating breakfast in bed photo


Say Yes to Stock Photos