Quick Tip: Make iMovie More Like Final Cut Pro

Have you ever been forced to use iMovie for a quick project, only to spend way more time than necessary being frustrated by its confusing antics? If you’re more familiar with Final Cut Pro, iMovie’s seemingly backwards setup can seem both ridiculous and illogical. Here’s a quick tip to help you make iMovie look more like your beloved Final Cut Pro.

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1. Go to “Window” in the top navigation bar.
2. Choose “Swap Events and Projects”.

Make iMovie like Final Cut

3. Now, your preview windows will be aligned just like they are in Final Cut!

It’s a quick tip, but it could easily save you time and headaches next time you’re working in iMovie! It has helped for us! Also, if you’re using iMovie as your primary editor now, but are hoping to move up to a more professional program in the future, it might not be a bad idea to make this adjustment now to help ease the transition later. Where your preview windows are makes a big different in the editing layout!