Sound on Sound: An Interview with Steve Saada

If you’ve ever listened to Selina Meyer cracking a pointed punchline, you’re probably unknowingly familiar with the work of Steve Saada. At just twenty-six years old, Steve is already a staple of the sound department in Baltimore and Washington, D.C., productions, having worked as a boom operator, sound mixer, and audio utility in more than fifty local productions. His credits range from House of Cards and Veep to Ping Pong Summer and Kill the Messenger. Steve has always been enthusiastic about sound’s role in the predominantly visual medium … Read more about Sound on Sound: An Interview with Steve Saada

VideoBlocks Library is now Bigger, Better and Fresher

  We’re constantly adding new footage, motion backgrounds and After Effects templates to our Unlimited Subscription Library. All this new content is available for subscribers to download and use at no additional cost. We're adding value to your subscriptions all the time, so take advantage and check out all the new clips. Here are some of the other things we think you will appreciate about the changes were making.   Investing More Than Ever in Our Unlimited Library In 2015, VideoBlocks will invest more in … Read more about VideoBlocks Library is now Bigger, Better and Fresher

Before-and-After: Stabilizing Video Footage

In a previous before-and-after edition, we showed you how we color grade our raw video footage to bring out the incredible contrast and natural colors captured by RED digital cinema cameras. If you’re one of the lucky filmmakers out there who upgraded your video equipment over the holidays by unwrapping an aerial drone, jib, or shoulder mount, you might want to think next about post-production stabilization. Even if you’re James Cameron and using the best camera equipment on the market, you can still have some unwanted camera shakes in your … Read more about Before-and-After: Stabilizing Video Footage

File Formats: Mov and Mp4

File Formats Mov and Mp4 At VideoBlocks we offer two main types of video formats- Mov and Mp4 find out what one is best for you in this short informative video from our tutorial series. The number of video formats can be quite confusing, but there are really only a few things you need to know. A video format means more than its file extension, which is not the same as video codecs. They are containers, or file formats, which can use multiple codecs to compress video into a space that is … Read more about File Formats: Mov and Mp4

How To Create Project Folders

Have multiple people collaborating on a video project? Working on a few different projects at a time? Just need organization in your life? Project Folders are exactly what you need! Creating Project Folders for a specific project or theme is the easiest way to share your curated content with anyone, keep tabs on multiple projects, or organize your clips before you download them. Instructions 1. Adding a project folder Once you find a clip you like, simply hover over it and click the "+ Folder" … Read more about How To Create Project Folders

Free Tutorial Series: How to Edit with Adobe Premiere Pro

Adobe Premiere Pro is a timeline-based video editing software application that is a part of the Adobe Creative Suite. The Creative Suite includes graphic design, video editing and web development programs. Premiere Pro is used by famous broadcasters and home movie makers alike. An Adobe Premiere Pro project can be as simple or complex as you would like. Whether you’re new to digital video editing or just new to Adobe Premiere Pro, this tutorial takes you through the basics for creating a project in Adobe Premiere Pro using Video … Read more about Free Tutorial Series: How to Edit with Adobe Premiere Pro

Join Our Global Journey and Go Anywhere In The World

Join Our Global Journey and Go Anywhere In The World Join us on our journey across the globe - Explore Tokyo, London, Egypt, Africa and beyond. Benefit from worldwide travel without breaking the bank, if you have $99 you can travel to wherever you like! Join VideoBlocks to get your all access pass and download unlimited clips of whatever you like. is a subscription-based website that provides members with unlimited downloads of stock video, motion backgrounds, production music, sound effects, special effects, After Effects … Read more about Join Our Global Journey and Go Anywhere In The World

Tips for Shooting Macro Video

Spring is FINALLY here and we're all anxious to break out our cameras and capture the season's beauty. But before you go ambush the local tulip bed, let's step back and talk about some macro shooting basics. Taking the time to understand depth of field, macro shooting composition and proper lighting will result in some killer springtastic shots! What is Macro? Macro refers to taking video or pictures of very small things. Think about lady bugs, flower petals, worms...all of those spring time symbols that we love so much. Shooting macro … Read more about Tips for Shooting Macro Video