Lower third graphics are an easy way to add extra information to your video. Most video editing softwares have a built in graphics generator that you can use to build lower thirds, but they are often very limiting and do not yield professional results.

If you don’t want to use ready-made effects and lower thirds, an easy way to get a high quality graphic is to use a free template from an outside source. These are imported into your project by using an alpha channel and they can float seamlessly over your footage. Using these templates in Sony Vegas is really simple.

Watch this tutorial to find out:

Or follow these quick steps:

1. Open your video project in Sony Vegas.

2. Right click on an existing video track (the top one would be best) and select “Insert Video Track”. (You can also do this by holding down Control+Shift+Q)

3. Drag and drop the lower third directly into the new track you created.

4. Right click the file you just dropped and select “Properties”.

5. In the Properties menu, choose the media tab and scroll down to the Alpha Channel section. Select “Straight (unmatted)” from the drop down and click OK.

6. Now your lower third will have a transparent background! Use the text tool to add text on top if you have not yet done so.

7. Add a dissolve to the beginning and end of both the graphic and the text so it transitions in smoothly.

8. Save your video.

9. Render your video.

10. Save your video again and share!

That’s it! It is super simple to create a high quality lower third graphic in Sony Vegas.

Explore these ready-made lower thirds to quickly add information to your video project if you’re short.


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