Using a lower third graphic is a great way to add extra information to your video. Most editing softwares have some type of title tool generator that will allow you to make the graphics during the editing process. However, sometimes this tool can be very limiting and will not produce the best quality graphics.

If you’re looking for something a little more professional, you may want to consider using a free lower third template from an outside source. These files come with a built in alpha channel, which means the graphic itself will be able to float seamlessly over your footage.

iMovie has a simple way of incorporating professional looking lower third templates that can truly enhance your video.

Here’s a look at how you can do it with this tutorial:

Or check out these easy to follow instructions:

Note: These directions will only work for still lower thirds. They will not work with an animated lower third template

1. Open iMovie and make sure you have your Advanced Tools on. To do this go to iMovie>Preferences>Show Advanced Tools

2. Create a new project and import the footage you wish to place the graphic on top of. (File>Import>Movies)

3. Drag your footage from the events bin (bottom) to the project bin (top left).

4. Find the .PNG file you wish to use as your lower third either in your Finder, or on your Desktop. Drag it on top of your footage in the project bin. When you drop the footage on top a menu will pop up. Choose “Picture in Picture”.

Note: You MUST  save your graphic as a .PNG file for these instructions to work.

5. Your .PNG file will show up in the corner of your preview screen. Simply drag the corners to readjust the size and have it fit the entire screen.

6. Now it is time to add text to your lower third if you haven’t done so already. Click on the Text Tool on the right side of the screen (it has a “T” icon). Choose Lower Third and place it on top of the footage in the project bin. You will be able to edit the text in the preview screen and adjust the size and position so it matches up with your graphic.

7. You’ll notice the text will automatically fade in and fade out. To get the graphic to do the same, double click on the graphic and a menu will pop up. Enable “Dissolve” and adjust the length of the fade you want. Click OK and you should see that the graphic will fade in and fade out with your text!

8. Save your project and share it!

That’s it! It is so easy to create some really professional lower third graphics using iMovie.

Short on time, but still want to add extra information to your video project? Check out these ready-made lower third designs .


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