Lower third graphics are an easy way to add extra information to your video. Most video editing software have built-in graphics generator that you could use to build lower thirds, but they are often limiting and do not yield professional results.

An easy way to get a high quality graphic is to use a free template from an outside source. These are usually saved with an alpha channel so they can float seamlessly over your footage. Using these templates in Final Cut Pro is very simple.

Watch this tutorial to learn how:

Or follow these step-by-step instructions:

1. Open Final Cut Pro and import your footage and the graphic you want to add. (File>Import>Files)

2. Place the background footage on Video Track 1.

3. Place the graphic on Video Track 2 directly above the footage on Track 1. Since your template already has an alpha channel, the background will be translucent and it should just sit on top of your video on Track 1.

4. If you need to add text, you can do this using Final Cut’s text generator. To do this, click on the Effects tab in your project browser. Then Video Generators>Text>Lower Third. Drag the effect to Video Track 3, directly over your lower third graphic. Adjust the text so it is the same length as your graphic.

5. Use the controls in the viewer to modify the text and
position it to fit inside the parameters of your graphic.

6. Highlight both the graphic background and the text on the timeline by pressing Shift and clicking on them. Go to Effects>Video Transitions>Dissolves>Fade In, Fade Out. This will add a gradual fade to both layers of the graphic so it transitions smoothly into your video.

7. Save your project.

8. Render your project.

9. Save your project again!

And that is it! It is just that simple to create professional looking lower third graphics using Final Cut Pro.

If you want easily accessible lower third graphics, check out these dynamic designs meant to show off your texts in your next video project .


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