If you have an iPhone or a 4G iPod Touch, you’re walking around with a high quality camera in your pocket at all times. Start taking advantage of it! Use that little camera to capture spontaneous moments and candid memories! It is really easy to process iPhone video footage in iMovie if you know the quick workflow. Here’s a breakdown of how to do it in both iMove pre-’11 and iMovie ‘11.


How to Use iPhone Video Clips in Older Versions of iMovie

If you’re not running off of the latest version of iLife, you may be surprised that your videos will actually be imported through iPhoto. You’ll notice this pops up when you plug your phone or iPod into your computer.

When you open up iPhoto, all of your pictures should pop up, as well as your movies. You’ll notice all of the video has a small camcorder icon in the corner. Go ahead and import all of these and you’ll see that the video will continue to live within iPhoto.

Now that your clips are in iLife, all you have to do is open iMovie and allow it to update thumbnails from iPhoto. This will automatically pull in the videos you just imported into iPhoto, and you’ll be free to work on them from there!

Using iPhone Movies in iMovie

How to Use iPhone Video in iMovie ‘11

If you’re running on the latest version of iMovie, iMovie ‘11, using iPhone movies is even easier. Just attach your iPhone to your computer and click on the camcorder button that appears just above the Event Library. It might take a second, but iMovie should be able to find your phone and give you the option to import all of the video files that are currently stored on your phone or iPod. Choose the clips you want, and choose an event to add them to. That’s it!

So go out there and start capturing some great memories on your iPhone! By running them through iMovie, you can string together a story and build a timeline that will outshine all of your old home movies!

Of course, there is more than one workflow to getting your iPhone footage into iMovie. We think working through iLife is the easiest, but if you have a method you prefer better, tell us about it! Leave a comment below and let us know how you use your iPhone footage in iMovie.

And if you want some video effects that will really jazz up the footage you’re shooting on your iPhone, try downloading this free blank after effects template. You can add it to iMovie and create a really fun opening graphic to your next home movie!

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