Using a green screen is a really simple way to create some outstanding creative videos. Luckily, iMovie‘09 makes this effect really simple to edit when using footage from our Unlimited Library and Marketplace.

Check out this tutorial:

Or follow these easy steps:

Note: These directions will only work in iMovie ‘09. iMovie ‘08 does not allow chroma key editing.

1) First, you need to make sure your iMovie is set up to allow the Chroma Key feature. In iMovie go to Preferences and select “Show Advanced Tools”. This will allow you to access the chroma key editing tools.

2) Create a new project in iMove and import both the footage with the green screen and the footage you want to replace the green with.

3) Drag the footage you want to use to replace the green onto the project timeline. Use “clip adjustments” (located in the gear menu in the bottom left corner) to adjust this clip to the length you want.

4) Drag your green screen footage up onto the background, and when you release the mouse button and the menu comes up, click Green Screen. Your green screen footage will now be superimposed onto your selected background!

5) Save your project and share it!

And that’s it! It is that easy to use green screen footage and a chroma key tool in iMovie.

If you’re short on time, check out these ready-made green screen footage from our library .


Green Screens For All