Using a green screen is a really popular way to get creative with video editing. Final Cut Pro’s great Chroma Key effect easily helps you replace all the green in your video with whatever image or video you choose, which you can find from our Unlimited Library and Marketplace.

Check out this tutorial to master the green screen:

Or follow these quick step-by-step instructions:

1. Import both your green screen footage (the video containing a green background, or some green elements that you want to replace) and the footage you want to use to replace the green into Final Cut Pro. (File>Import>Files)

2. Drag the video that you want to be the background (the video that will replace the green) onto Video Track 1.

3. Drag the the video with the green screen and place that on Video Track 2 directly above the previous clip.

4. Double click the footage on Track 2 so it displays in the viewer.

5. Go to Effects>Video Filters>Key>Chroma Keyer. This is the tool in Final Cut that will allow you to take out the green (aka, Chroma Key it)

6. Select the Chroma Key tab from the viewer window.

7. Choose the eye dropper tool from the tool palette to elect the green area in the canvas window.

8. Play around with the saturation and color box until you get a result that looks right to you.

9. Click back on the video tab in the viewer window to finalize.

10. Save your project.

11. Export your project and enjoy!

It’s that easy to do green screen editing using Final Cut Pro!

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Complete Your Green Screen