You don’t have to have a Hollywood budget to create stellar special effects in your projects. Using the right background Alpha channel footage is a really simple way to add some wow-factor to your video. Alpha channels allow you to maintain a layer of transparency in your videos so your effect can float seamlessly over your project. As a result, you can make things explode, you can light things on fire, or even make it rain. Here is how you can use an alpha channel video using Sony Vegas:

1. Open your video project in Sony Vegas.


2. Right click on an existing video track (the top one would be best) and select “Insert Video Track”. (You can also do this by holding down Control+Shift+Q)


3. Drag and drop the alpha channel footage directly into the new track you created.


4. Right click the file you just dropped and select “Properties”.


5. In the Properties menu, choose the media tab and scroll down to the Alpha Channel section. Select “Straight (unmatted)” from the drop down and click OK.


6. Now your alpha channel will have a transparent background! Play around with the clip to time it up with the rest of your project.


7. Add a dissolve to the beginning and end of the effect so it transitions in smoothly.


8. Save your video.


9. Render your video.


10. Save your video again and share!

That’s it! It is super simple to create special effects in Sony Vegas using alpha channels!

Want to try it out yourself? Download this free alpha channel special effect!

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