Watermarking your video is a simple way to ensure your creative masterpiece does not get ripped off when you upload it to the Internet. The process of creating a watermark is typically very simple, but the exact steps can vary depending on what video editing software you use. Here are the step by step instructions for creating a watermarked video in Sony Vegas.

1. If you haven’t already, get your text or logo you’re going to use as your watermark ready for editing. Unless you want your logo to have harsh edges, you should probably use an image that contains an alpha channel as the background, or a bright green color as the background so you can edit that out later. You can easily do this in Photoshop. Save your image as a .jpeg.

2. Open Sony Vegas and import your text or image.

3. Add the video you want to use under the watermark to the timeline on the first video track.

4. Right click on the timeline to create a new video track and make sure the new track is all the way at the top (the highest layer).

5. Move your image so it is where you want it within the video frame. You can adjust the scale and location of the image to suit your needs.

6. If you used green in the background of your logo, now is the time to remove it. Go to Effect>Chroma Key>Pure Green and Sony Vegas will replace anything that was bright green with a layer of translucency.

7. Change the settings so its a perfect mask.

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