Creating split screens is a fun and practical tool to add to your video editing arsenal. Final Cut Pro gives you all of the tools to do it right inside its program, and by just learning the basic idea you’ll open yourself up to infinite editing possibilities. Below are the step by step instructions for creating a basic side by side slit screen in Final Cut Pro 7.

1. Import both of your files into Final Cut Pro.

2. Place both clips on your timeline, one on top of the other, and then turn off one clip using the button on the left that looks like a little piece of film.

3. Double click on the clip that remains “on” (this will be the bright one on the timeline) and in the preview window click “Motion”.


4. Adjust the left and right crop setting to make your clip fit in one half of the screen.

5. Use the wireframe to position the clip on the left or right side of the frame.


6. Go back to the timeline and turn on the other clip. (You do not need to turn off the first clip this time. You’ll want to use it as a guide.)


7. Repeat steps 3-5 with the other clip.

8. Return to the timeline and play through your piece. You should have an instant basic split screen!

Obviously you can make this basic skill more complex if you want. Try adding animation with key frames, or incorporating multiple boxes. Depending on how you use the tools, you can come up with some pretty cool results!

If you want to try this tutorial, feel free to use this free stock footage as sample clips! Just click on the buttons below to download them for free. They’ll easily import into Final Cut Pro!