If you buy stock footage off of a website or from a videographer, you may find that the file format they give you is not compatible with the rest of your project or your editing software. No worries! You can easily convert these files to practically any format using a conversion program called MPEG Streamclip. This conversion program is available for free at www.squared5.com.

Once you have the conversion software installed, it is extremely simple to use. For the sake of demonstration, let’s say you need to convert a .mov file to an .avi file.

This tutorial explains just how you would do that:

Or follow these simple step-by-step instructions:
1) Open MPEG Streamclip on your computer.
2) Select the video you want to convert by going to File>Open Files. Your video should pop up in the viewer window.
3) Select the file type you wish to convert it to by going to File>Export to _____. In this case, we chose Export to AVI.
4) A window will pop up. Select your preferences and then hit “Make AVI” in the bottom right corner.
5) Select a place to save the new clip. Press “OK”.
And that is all you have to do! Using MPEG Streamclip is a super easy way to convert any footage from our Unlimited Library and Marketplace to a format that works well with your workflow!

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