Adding black and white footage to your project may be a really easy way to create an elegant, dream-like or old fashioned look to your video. Since most stock footage these days come in full color, you may need to convert your clips if you want this effect. Doing this is super simple using Windows Movie Maker!

Watch this quick tutorial to learn how you can do it:

Or follow these easy steps:

1) Import your footage into Movie Maker by clicking “add videos and photos”. Choose the file(s) that you want to apply the effect to. They will open up and automatically appear in your viewer.
2) Go to “Visual Effects” and then click on “Black and White”. This will automatically convert your color footage to black and white!
3) Save your project!

That is it! It is so simple to add a black and white effect to your stock footage or any footage from our Unlimited Library or Marketplace using Windows Movie Maker.

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