It’s not uncommon to find yourself in a situation where you need to remove a corporate logo from a piece of video. If you’ve never done it before, here’s a simple step by step guide for blurring out images in Final Cut Pro.

1. Put your original video on Video Track 1 and make a duplicate copy that you will edit on Video Track 2. (You can do this by holding down Option+Command+Shift and dragging the video up to the next track.)

2. Mark an In and Out point at the beginning and end of this clip to ensure that you’ll only edit this section of your video. (You can use the “I” and “O” shortcut keys to do this.)

3. Open the clip in your preview window. Click on Filters and also open the Effects tab in the window to the left.

4. In the effects folder choose Video Filters>Matte>Mask Shape. Drag that to the preview window to the right. You should now see this if you click on the video tab.

5. Now head back over to the effects folder and choose Video Filters>Blur>Gaussian Blur. Drag that over to the preview window and choose the shape that works best for your image (I recommend the oval or a round rectangle). You can also increase the radius to make the blur more pronounced. You should see something like this in the final preview screen on the far right.

6. Now we will move and size the blur to fit our needs. We’re going to try to cover up that Coca Cola advertisement in the middle of the shot. Click on the “Center” button and then drag the blur to the center of the area you want to cover. Adjust the shape and the size of the oval by moving the Horizontal Scale and Vertical Scale sliders. Now you should have a perfectly blurred image!

In our case, the shot doesn’t have any pans, zooms or hand movement, so we don’t need to worry about moving the blur around. If you do need to move your blur, you can easily use the keyframe tool within the preview window to adjust your blur every few frames. This can get a little tedious if your shot is long, but for a quick cutaway or stock footage clip, you should be fine!