Great Dramatic Clouds Timelapse Videos from VideoBlocks

Clouds can convey anything from bliss to anger, with imagery of lazy summer days and stormy nights. Timelapse is a method of videography that allows the viewer to see long stretches of time in just a few seconds. This video style gives stock videos a variety of cloud shapes in just a short clip, adding visual interest and movement to the stock footage. VideoBlocks has a large inventory of royalty-free cloud stock images. Discover some of the most popular selections.

Great Dramatic Clouds Timelapse Videos from VideoBlocksTime Lapse Clouds

This is a popular cloud stock footage choice because it is everything that good cloud footage should be. It features a clear blue sky peeking out from fluffy, white clouds that are quickly moving towards the viewer.

Great Dramatic Clouds Timelapse Videos from VideoBlocks Giant Billowing Clouds

This stock cloud video is an example of extreme weather footage. It builds a sense of anticipation in the viewer as the puffy, white clouds billow into the frame. It almost seems as if the clouds are building into a thunderstorm or a massive downpour.

Great Dramatic Clouds Timelapse Videos from VideoBlocks Scenic Storm Clouds

This footage of gray, moody clouds billowing across the screen gives viewers a rare glimpse of how it feels to fly through a growing storm just before the lightening begins. It is a dramatic clip ideal for a video on environmental issues, social unrest, extreme weather, and more.

Great Dramatic Clouds Timelapse Videos from VideoBlocksMidnight

A glowing white moon peaks out from dark cloud cover in this nighttime video footage. As the time-lapse progresses, the moon moves across the camera frame to the right, indicating the passage of the night.

Great Dramatic Clouds Timelapse Videos from VideoBlocksAirport Hawaii

Flying high above the palm trees and Hawaii, this stock footage shows just how brilliant the sun can shine and how vivid blue the tropical sky can be. After a few seconds of timelapse, the sky becomes overcast with blue and gray rain clouds, indicating that even a beautiful view in paradise can become rainy.

Great Dramatic Clouds Timelapse Videos from VideoBlocksDolly Along Barbed Wire Fence

As the camera rolls alongside a chain link fence topped with barbed wire, a cloudy, dreary sky can be seen. In the background there is industrial power lines that adds to the stark scene.

There are many more dramatic clouds timelapse videos to choose from, waiting to enhance your next video project. Let your creativity improve your presentations, with a well-chosen video clip.