To date, there are more than 2 million clips in our Marketplace—that’s a lot of content for our members to choose from. One of the keys to ensuring that your clips are discovered is proper tagging. To help, we’ve dug deep into the data behind the currently top-selling clips in our Marketplace to reveal the best practices our contributors are using to tag their content. Take a look to learn how to keyword like a champ!

1. Use objective and descriptive keywords.

Clips with the most relevant keywords that match a search will generally appear highest in the customer’s search results. It’s best to use a mix of both objective and descriptive keywords. Objective keywords can call out the location, landmark name, and obvious visuals of the clip, while a complimentary set of descriptive keywords will help convey the emotion or feeling of the clip. For example, in the clip below, the objective keywords used are Brazil, Cityscape, Mountain, Statue. The descriptive keywords used are Beautiful, Christian, Faith, Symbolic.


2. Add more tags.

You generally want to adhere to the guideline of using no less than 15 keywords on a clip to help boost chances of discovery. However, a look at our current top-selling clips shows that they are actually utilizing between 30 and 50 tags. In fact, the current top-selling clip, featured below, has 45 keyword tags.


3. Point out people.

Since lifestyle content continues to be our best-selling genre, we recommend using objective keywords that relate to the people in your clips. For example, the keywords Athlete, Man, Young Adult, People used in the clip below all help the clip be more discoverable when a customer uses a narrow set of search terms.
Bonus tip: Is your clip model-released? Consider tagging model released as well.


4. Use shot types.

When editors look for stock media, they often need to find a particular shot angle or camera movement to fit their story. You can help your clips get discovered in these specific searches by using keywords that classify the shot types. Establishing, Wide, Close Up, Slow Motion, Aerial all call out a shot type.

For an example of a clip that includes all of the best practices above, look no further than our top-selling Marketplace clip of all time. Or explore more of the footage trending in our library.

Everything You Need to Know About Using Keywords to Boost Sales


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