Having iMovie on your iPad 2 is great and all, but isn’t it super frustrating when it only allows you to use video that you shot on the iPad? That takes a little of the convenience out of on-the-go editing. However, you can get that footage you shot on your camcorder onto the iPad 2 with just a few easy steps. Here’s how to do it:

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Step 1: Convert to MP4

The exact process for this step will depend on the kind of camera you have and what type of file it saves to your computer. Basically, you want to end up with an MP4 with the H.264 codec. You can do this using an app called ClipWrap.

Step 2: Convert to iMovie Forma

Drop your MP4 into MPEG Streamclip to convert it. Go to file>export to other formats. You’ll get a nice big dialogue box. Make sure the top says MPEG-4. Now, use these pictures to help you get the correct settings. This step is crucial!

MPEG Streamclip Dialogue

MPEG Streamclip

The file format should be MP4 (not MP4 (ISMA)). Your image size is 1280 x 720 HD and that the frame rate is 30. That’s it. Leave the rest alone.

Step 3: Put it on the iPad

You do this first through iPhoto. Open iPhoto, put your newly processed video into a special folder and then open iTunes. Plug in your iPad. Make sure your settings allow you to sync everything from iPhoto, including video. Sync it up and you should see your video in iMovie!

Go give it a try! You can use some video from us as a sample piece. Just click the big red button below and download a free stock footage clip.

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