Almost all of the stock footage out there comes in full color, but sometimes you may want to convert it to black and white for an elegant or vintage effect. Making this conversion is really simple in Adobe Premiere.

Check out this tutorial to learn how:


Or follow these quick and easy steps:

1) Import your video in Adobe Premiere (File>Import)

2) Drag your footage onto Video Track 1

3) Go to Effects>Image Control>Black and White. Now drag that effect on top of your footage on Video Track 1. You should see in your preview window that it automatically converts the footage to black and white.

4) Save your project and then render it if necessary. Then save it again!

And that is it! It is really simple to create a black and white effect in Adobe Premiere. Want to give it a shot? Check out our Unlimited Library and Marketplace to download and convert any video into black and white footage.


Download Footage to Convert to Black and White