Congrats on activating your AudioBlocks account!

Before you continue, please read this information in its entirety to ensure you make the most of your new AudioBlocks account:

  1. Audio Content Access: Your audio content will be accessible here on AudioBlocks. It will no longer be accessible on VideoBlocks. Your complimentary VideoBlocks Access account gives you access to the EXACT same audio content you had on VideoBlocks, on an improved, audio-optimized platform. All of your audio download history and project bins from VideoBlocks have been automatically transferred over to AudioBlocks.
  1. Audio Content Limitations: Your complimentary VideoBlocks Access account provides you to the same content you previously had access to on VideoBlocks. The content you can access as part of your subscription is identified with an orange ribbon that says “VB Access.” You can filter (using a checkbox) for only “VB Access” content when you search:
  1. Additional Audio Content: AudioBlocks offers an extensive audio library – beyond what you had on VideoBlocks. If you’d like full access to this expanded library (100,000 more tracks), you can upgrade for $78/year. Doing so will provide access to all tracks on AudioBlocks.
  1. Price: There is NO COST for your VideoBlocks Access subscription. It is complimentary with your VideoBlocks account. You will only incur a charge if you choose to upgrade your account.
  1. Login: Your AudioBlocks login credentials are the same as the email address (not user name) and password for your VideoBlocks account.
  1. Benefits of AudioBlocks: Your AudioBlocks account is specifically optimized for audio
  • Find the exact style you want: Sort by genre, mood, BPM, and instrument
  • Quickly preview search results: Preview tracks by hovering over each search result and skip around a track with one click
  • Create custom groups of tracks: Build custom albums with hover-play and a play-all button

We hope you enjoy your complimenary VideoBlocks Access AudioBlocks accounts!

Questions? As always, please let us know if you have any questions by emailing us or calling our support line at 866-282-5360.