Announcing Our Free iOS App: Just Add Audio

The newest way to share—and transform—your mobile photos and videos.

A few short months ago, we partnered with the adventurers behind lululemon’s Instagram feed to wax romantically about how photos and videos are at their best when used to tell visual stories.

Announcing Our Free iOS App: Just Add Audio

. . . now, we’ve released an easy-to-use mobile iOS app to help anyone with an iPhone amplify their visual stories by adding licensed audio tracks from our library—for free.

Now available in the App Store as a free download, Just Add Audio gives users instant access to professional-grade audio spread across eight moods. Just select your photos or videos, choose from more than 1,200 tracks, and share your creations instantly.

In less than thirty seconds, you’ve got an immersive audio-visual experience you can share via text, email, or the social network of your choice (YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Google+, etc.) with just one button.

Not yet convinced just how effective audio can be in enhancing the mood of visual media?? Check out this hilarious viral video from Auralnuats—which shows just how awkward the final scene from Star Wars: Episode IV can get when you take away its background music.

It’s the one time in life Harrison Ford has looked awkward . . .

Matt Siegel writes about stock audio, Han Solo, and the epic apps launching at AudioBlocks.