Are you in need of a new editing trick to help spice up your videos? Try adjusting the speed and direction of your footage. You can use this trick to create dozens of different effects, so it is a good tool to know. Here are the super simple steps for adjusting your clip speed and direction in Final Cut Pro 7:

1. Place your footage on the timeline.


2. Right click on your footage. A menu will pop up. Click “Change Speed”.

 FCP Change Speed Menu

3. A new dialogue box will pop up. In the top right corner you will see a box that most likely says “100%”. Change this percentage to change the speed of the clip. To speed it up, try 200% or 300%. To slow it down, try 75% or 50%. Play around with this until you find the right speed for you.

Changing Clip Speed

4. To change the direction of your clip (ie, to make the clip play in reverse), you’ll follow steps 1 and 2 again. This time when the new dialogue box pops up, check the box that says “Reverse”. Now, your clip will play backwards.

Changing Clip Direction

Really easy, right? You can use this tool to create fast forward or rewind effects, to play something back in slow motion, or to create exciting sports montages. The options are only limited by your creativity!

Alright…it’s time to get editing! Download this free stock footage clip and use it to test out your new tricks. Just click on the button below to download your free stock footage clip.

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