4K Stock Footage of Europe

If you’re due for a vacation soon, consider Europe as one of the most diverse and interesting travel spots. There are so many places from which to choose that it would take a lifetime to see them all. Stock media shows the scenes from many picturesque locations, and the video views will give you an idea of what to expect when you visit.

From old bridges to castles, Heidelberg, Germany is a town that can steal your heart. It is a charming place, full of character. Enjoy the fireworks over Heidelberg castle, in 4k footage by VideoBlocks.com. The video makes you feel as if you were already there, and if you’re writing a blog or site for travelers, it will give them an excellent idea of what to expect in this lovely town.

Above the Rhine River in Germany, you’ll find the Schonburg castle, which is as picturesque a place as you could hope to see. The castle façade has historic battlements and towers, and below them, you will see the picturesque town of Oberwesel. Royalty free video and stock footage shows you the castle and city in all its beauty, and will show travelers these lovely landmarks that they may enjoy visiting.

Many of the archways and pillars of Schonburg castle have been lovingly restored, so that comfort and history co-exist in this impressive castle fortress. Vineyards slope towards the Rhine, below castle walls covered with ivy. Using 4k footage, you can pan around the castle and see all the intricate work that has been done. It will give you and others the desire to see the town and castle firsthand.

Colmar, France has gothic buildings to charm any visitor, and historic homes along the city’s canal, as seen in unique stock footage. This city is not on the itinerary for many tourist groups, so it’s less spoiled in that way, and more unique. The wine and food are reminiscent of Germany as much as France, and this town is an unknown gem of France.

Mespelbrunn, Germany is well known for the lovely moated castle, which is a favorite with tourists. The pilgrimage church nearby has a Gothic pilgrimage chapel, a Divine Grace chapel and a Crucifixion Group done by Hans Backoffen. VideoBlocks.com offers royalty free stock media that will show you and potential tourists the views from the castle and picturesque video from the town beyond. It is a wonderful place to add to any travel itinerary in Europe.

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