Now that high-resolution video is commonplace and even expected for everything from YouTube vlogs to web series, the demand for affordable high-resolution stock footage has increased significantly. Low-quality stock footage can make an otherwise professional production appear amateurish to modern audiences, and that isn’t the kind of social media buzz you want surrounding your project.

Stock airplane footage is in high demand because it depicts an important aspect of modern life. The footage often appears in independent films, web series and commercials. provides high-quality stock airplane footage, including footage that uses ultra-high definition 4K resolution.

4K resolution offers significantly better clarity than traditional high-definition video. Its use is growing, and more 4K capable displays are hitting the markets. Though it may sound silly to consider future-proofing your content, the television industry has already begun adopting 4K resolution for production. Netflix is already streaming House of Cards and some nature documentaries in 4K and Amazon Studios announced that all original productions in 2014 will be filmed in 4K. It appears that the future is just around the corner.

Some of our favorite stock airplane footage contains simple images of planes in the sky. 4K resolution reproduces the brilliant blue of the midday sky and the multitude of hues present in the sunset, and captures the overlooked wonder of an airplane in motion. We’re also impressed by footage that contrasts the plane in the sky with the horizon below, with the image of a plane flying over a river at sunset providing exceptional clarity and tranquility. Even footage of a plane taxiing on the tarmac and taking off provides exceptional views of the modern marvels.

Check out some of the 4K stock airplane footage available at when planning your next project. Nobody wants their Twitter buzz to focus primarily on how amateurish their project looked, even when a low-budget aesthetic is desired.

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4K Stock Airplane Footage 4K Stock Airplane Footage
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