The Ultimate Guide To Using Video in Social Media

The popularity of visual content on social media platforms shows little sign of abating. This is especially true in the case of online video, which is expected to account for 79 percent of all consumer Internet traffic by 2018. Online video provides visually minded consumers with a way to satisfy their demand for information and entertainment, so it makes sense that successful business owners will be those who are quick to include video content in their social media marketing strategy. If you’re wondering what is the best way to use video in a social media post, these tips will help.

The Best Platforms for Video Content

YouTube welcomes more than one billion unique visitors each month, so just as Pinterest is typically associated with images , it’s natural to assume that YouTube holds the monopoly on video content. That’s not strictly true: The popularity of video content is by no means network specific, so don’t dismiss the potential value of posting video content on Facebook, Twitter, Hulu, Google+ and other social platforms.

What Kind of Video Should You Post?

The type of videos you post will depend on the type of product, service or business you want to promote. Ideas to consider include videos of your product in action, a behind-the-scenes look at your business, case studies and video diaries. If you don’t want to produce quality videos yourself, stock media from VideoBlocks can be used to support your written content or as stand-alone media. Videos don’t need to be lengthy; some of the most popular clips are just six seconds long.

What Time Should You Post Videos?

As with any social media content, the timing of your posts can be crucial to how often it is seen and shared. Finding the posting sweet spot is often considered to be a matter of trial and error, although if you’d like a little more certainty from the outset, you might consider signing up to Klout as a brand. This service provides links to trending pieces and allows you to schedule posts for free.

The growing trend toward the consumption of video content is set to rise across all platforms. How will you ensure that your business keeps up with the pace?